About Us

At D Willis Electrical we specialize in domestic and commercial electrical installations and provide the ultimate in electrical installation. From residential to Business our specialty electricians serve up cost effective solutions quickly and efficiently.

If it doesn’t make sense to you, then we just don’t do it.

Seriously, when you have the best why would you even consider the rest?

That just doesn’t make sense.

What do our technicians do?

  • Listen to what your electrical concerns are
  • Troubleshoot to gather the information they need to make a qualified diagnosis
  • Sit down with you, the client, to ensure you fully understand the electrical issues at hand
  • Serve up sensible and cost-effective timely options to find resolution
  • Let you make the informed decision as to what action you would like to take
  • Decide on a solution within your budget
  • Take fast action to get the job done right
  • Welcome positive feedback and ensure you are fully satisfied with the top notch premium solution

At D Willis we take pride in impressing our clients so they become long-term trusted clients. Your loyalty is a priority. And we will do whatever it takes to gain your trust. Often going far beyond the call of duty to offer premium solutions to your electrical concerns.

Floreat residence take pride in the solutions our technicians offer up and their availability to make certain they get the job done sooner than expected.

Our goal at D Willis Electrical is to fix the short circuit in your electrical board, troubleshoot your entertainment system issues, or upgrade your heavy construction electrician needs so we have you quickly and effective running up to your true potential and beyond, faster than you expect.

You see when we impress our Floreat clients it’s a double win. You, our client gets exactly what you need, and we, D Willis Electrical, gets to find ultimate satisfaction in knowing we have delivered to our client. That’s means everything.

Give us a shout today so we can listen to your concerns and make sure your electrical solution are front and center. At D Willis Electrical you WILL be fully satisfied. That’s just how we roll!

Can’t wait to hear from you today at D Willis Electrical!

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