From automotive and control, electrical distributions, residential and lighting solutions and controls, to transformers, prevention, and structural integration, D Willis Electrical has the deep knowledge, electrical know-how skills, and proven deliverability to get the job done quickly and in a time effective manner every time.

Doesn’t matter where you need a upgrade to your residential circuit board or need to bring your company electrical system up to par so you can deliver your services, D Willis makes a point of making you their priority. Going beyond the call of duty to ensure they have our trust for life.

Your safety is priority one with D Willis Electrical…that’s absolute.

D Willis has solutions for boosting your company performance and just ensuring your household electrical system is running premium. If there is room for improvement our highly qualified cutting edge technicians will make sure they are brought to your attention. The decision is always yours but the more factual information you have the better with your life and company.

Many of our long-term clients are residential and construction. Looking for D Willis Electrical to represent electrical issues from arising and ensure they are running to the code and full potential.

Electrical expertise is our business and our clients are our focus and priority.

 Residential…We provide service and product solutions few premium new residential construction for single and multi-family dwellings, along with upgrades and simple or complex replacements for existing homes. We deliver.

 Utility – We give you the power to manage and modernize your grid to boost reliability, driver operational efficiencies, lower costs and ensure your equipment and people are safe and running up to their true potential. D Willis has the technical expertise to make sure you are taken care of. That’s invaluable in the big picture.

 Let us make sure your electrical is premium. Let us ensure you your electrical systems, home or office, are running premium. We will prove to you that choosing D Willis Electrical was the right choice for you.

Call us day or night. We will come and assess your emergency situation and make sure we find the solution you need to get your electrical issues fixed and solved. We will show you we deserve your business and just ask for the opportunity to do so when you need us.

D Willis is here for you, day or night we WILL provide solutions.

D Willis Electrical
41 Greeves Street, St Kilda

Call us today and let us take care of your electrical. Thank you.

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